Styling Consultation

If you are interested in having me style you, please send an email with your full SL name, what you are looking for, and the purpose.  Please label the subject with your name and “STYLING” as the title so that they don’t get lost.

Please be aware that styling may reflect my own person choices.  I will ask you to visit stores and choose items that you like; however, they may or may not be chosen as pieces that I choose to style you in.  You are responsible for purchasing the items, adjusting them and setting up times for me to review them with you.


  • Funds to purchase items.
  • Knowledge of editing prims.
  • Time.
  • Acceptance of constructive criticism.
  • Positive attitude.

Note: I will charge you extra for teaching you how to edit prims.  This is not an instruction session and you must know the basics. I do not want to edit your prims for you or teach you how to edit them. This is a waste of everyone’s time.

Before & After:

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