• No Charge


  • Prim Editing: L$500 per prim (I don’t want to edit your prims for you).
  • Your time: L$1500 per hour + 20% of what you spend on items (you go shopping and email me pictures of what you like).


  • My Time: L$2000 per hour + 20% of what you spend on items (I go with you shopping to choose).
  • L$5000 minimum.


*A 50%, non refundable deposit, is required at time of shoot, and the rest of payment is due when picture is delivered.*

  • Individuals:
    -Sim: L$500 ea.
    -Single (1 avi): L$1000 ea.
    -Couple (2 avis): L$1500 ea.
    -Group (5 or more avis): L$3500 ea.
    -Additional: L$500 per additional avi
    -Proofs: L$50 per picture (emailed directly)
    -Portfolio Construction: L$1500 + shot price (5 shot minimum)
  • Packages:
    -5 shots: L$4000 + L$1500 per additional avi
    -10 shots: L$8000 + L$2000 per additional avi
    -15 shots: L$14000 + L$3000 per additional avi
    -Add L$750 per additional avi (over 2)
  • Events: (see package information)
    -10 shot minimum
    -Proofs will be posted on website upon request and are available for purchase.

Mesh Items:

  • Please use the box below to submit your information and request.
  • Prices are negotiable.

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