Ferosh SS2016 -Naranza

Images can all be found in the Spring/Summer 2016 Trend Issue of Ferosh.

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Hair: Gunner by Damselfly, Jacket: Muraoka by Fabulous and Trendy, Pants: Tailored by COCO, Glasses: Mesh by Ssswag, Necklace: Misbaha by Sorgo
Hair: Kyle by Action, Coat: Gustavo by Diram, Sweater: Knit Pullover by Indi, Shirt: Classic by Redgrave, Pants: Dandy by Deadwool, Shoes: Dress by Phunk, Glasses: Yaung by Sorgo, Lapel Pin: Poppy by Topazia, Bag: Curragh by Fir & Mna
Hair: Lucas by Action, Coat: Belfort by Fatewear, Shirt: Dandy by Deadwool, Pants: Peak by Deadwool, Shoes: Allen by Hoorenbeek, Glasses: Issa by Sorgo, Belt: Peak by Deadwool, Bag: Shawn by Deadwool
Hair: Jimmy by Action, Jacket: Denim by Blankline, Pants: Couleur by Entente, Shoes: Cousteau by Entente, Headphones: Eargasm by Mandala, Watch: Spider by Chronokit


LOTD 03 07 16 – Glamrus

LOTD 03 07 16 - Peak.jpg

Jacket: Peak – Wool by Deadwool (@Monsieur Chic)
Pants: Peak – Royal by Deadwool (@The Men’s Department)
Shoes: Monk by Deadwool (@Monsieur Chic)
Socks: Dandy by Deadwool
Hair: Undercut by Deadwool
Beard: Full by Clef de Peau

Dress: Monika Night by Rebel Gal
Shoes: Shiki V2 by Maitreya
Bag: Snakeskin Clutch by Indy&Co
Necklace: Sienna by LaGyo
Hair: Lock by Little Bones

Build: The Blanche Townhouse by 22769 (@Fameshed)

Pose: Boys by Glamrus (@Sir Monthly)